All members of the Sales Partner (direct sales, franchise …) commit themselves to honest, ethical and responsible work. 

FLAIMWAY´s Code of Conduct describes our shared values and minimum standards of ethical business conduct that we expect from all our employees, partners and collaborators. It is intended to guide our daily actions with internal and external stakeholders. Legal, ethical and responsible conduct is an essential part of our corporate culture.

As we operate in several countries and in a digital environment with different laws, regulations and habits, we strive to conduct business across national borders in accordance with high ethical standards.

All staff members, partners and collaborators are expected to understand and comply with the Code at all times and we rely on their personal integrity to protect and enhance the company’s reputation. It is the responsibility of everybody to comply with this Code in our business activities. If you have any questions, please contact the company’s compliance team within the defined channels. Managers, sponsors and partners are expected to serve as role models and to promptly, discreetly and respectfully address their employees’ concerns about possible inappropriate conduct.

Meeting the high standards and actually living the spirit of this Code of Conduct, every single staff member, partners and collaborators contribute to our company’s positive perception by all stakeholders involved – including above all our customers, shareholders, business partners and the general public.

If you become aware of actions that could violate this Code or endanger our future bank project, we rely on you to have the courage to speak up to protect our future bank from any harm.

Sales Code of Conduct

We agree:

  1. to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships.
  2. to provide our customers with a buying experience where we “do the right thing and thereby get the right results”.
  3. to promote and protect good sales practices.
  4. to always act in accordance with the codes of my organization and within the law
  5. to accept accountability and possible consequences, in case the code of conduct is not kept.


The Sales Code of Conduct is made up of ten fundamental principles:

  1. Integrity: to be straightforward, honest and truthful in all professional and business relationships. Avoid conflicts of interest and not be associated with information that you believe contains a materially false or misleading statement or that is misleading by omission. Never speak or write negatively about the company.
  2. Solution appropriateness: to ensure that you configure and sell customers solutions that are absolutely appropriate for their needs and in their best interest.
  3. Promote and protect good selling practices: commitment to continuously develop your level of professional knowledge, skills and ability to exercise judgment.
  4. Always act in line with the organization’s codes and within the law: ensuring full compliance with laws and regulations and acting in the public interest. At all times, avoiding any action that could negatively affect the reputation of the profession.
  5. External and public communication is provided exclusively by the flaimway backoffice. Every communication with a customer will be interpreted. Therefore, it is important that you use exactly and exclusively the content that we make available in the flaimway backoffice.
  6. Protect the personal data and personal information of clients and organization; if you do not strictly follow the Data Protection Act, the organization will have problems and will terminate the cooperation agreement with the sales partner/franchise.
  7. Do not promise any future profits; we do not promise or forecast profits of investments, but do our best to achieve desired goals, because you are perceived by the customer as a representative of the organization, even though you are not!
  8. Fairplay with the competition/other market participant; we concentrate on our USPs and strengths and certainly not on the weaknesses of other market players.
  9. We value the feedback of each sales partner (whistleblowing). Do not hesitate to provide critical information, alternative solutions and improvements.
  10. Behavior Code: Treat other the way you want to be treated.